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      Xiamen Sengong Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd
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      C12A Automatic Filter Paper Tea Bag Packing Machine

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                      C12A Automatic Filter Paper Tea Bag Packing Machine 

      It is suitable for tea bag products packing, such as Chinese local tea leaves, coffee,
      medicinal tea , herbal tea, flower tea and health care tea, etc.
      1. This can automatically complete bag making, filling, measuring, sealing, thread feeding, tag attaching, cutting and counting etc. It would highly improve the working efficiency and reduce labor expense.
      2. The machine is with touch screen, easy to operate.

       Technical data

      Type: Tea Bag Packing Machine Series
      Product model: C12A
      Product name: Automatic Filter Paper Tea Bag Packing Machine
      Packing material: Filter paper, Thread, Tag
      Measuring: Measuring cup filler
      Filling range: About 1.5-5g or 3-15ml broken tea
      Packing speed: 30~60 bags/min
      Bag Size: L:50~75mm , W:50~75mm
      Tag Size: L: 18-23mm, W: 28mm
      Power: 220V, 50HZ, 1.6KW
      Dimension : 900*950*1800mm(L*W*H)
      Weight: 350KGS

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